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Wrong order of validation messages - a documentary

Today I noticed (again) the odd behavior of the validation messages control on a simple XPage. The messages appear in a wrong order regarding to the order of the corresponding fields. Here is an example:

I posted this issue on Twitter to get faster reactions than I would achieve on Stackoverflow - and soon I got the first one. Please follow up the tweet and this post. I will write down my tests and workarounds to fix this problem here. Unfortunately you cannot post comments here yet but I will appreciate any ideas on the tweet above.

What I have done so far

Deleted the custom control (the form) completely and recreated it No result
Examined the calculated Java source, deleted it and re-saved the xpage No result
Changed properties of the messages control (style, flags) No result
Added other validtors (minimum) No result


Mark Leusink pointed me to an interesting snippet on OpenNTF. I sure will try this soon. I tried it and it is awesome! This will absolutely replace the messages control in my future applications!

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