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Installing Domino 9 on Linux

Beware of old versions of Linux (such as CentOS 5.4). It won't work! You need a glibc of version 2.7 or greater. Check it before installing with

ldd --version

Ubuntu Server is still not supported but works well. Minimum release is 10.04 LTS. This server runs with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, too Winken

Please do a complete uninstall before you install the new release!

Uninstall Domino as root user with the following commands:

cd /local/notesdata

/opt/ibm/lotus/notes/latest/linux/_uninst2/uninstaller.bin -console

You may have to replace the term "lotus" with "domino" in that command line of you run Domino 9.x or newer.

If you had to backup and restore your /local/notesdata then you must do this as root user:

chown root:root /local/notesdata -R

First check if your new server will start up by logging in as user "notes" and type the following commands:

cd /local/notesdata


Do this to see the console instead of starting the server with a start script when you start it the first time.

I experienced that Google Chrome is not supported well with this release. Maybe it's Chrome that sucks here...

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Srinath Jayaram wrote on 05.04.2018, 01:09

What installation package are you using? I've looked high and low through IBM Passport Advantage and can't find the installation file.