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OpenNTF and the new IP policy

It is just 2 days ago that I registered myself as a contributor to the fabulous OpenNTF community. I uploaded 2 projects and the feedback was overwhelming for me so far. But there is one little "but" in all that: the new IP policy. Have a closer look to the new terms here.

Today I was in close contact with Peter Tanner, the IP manager of OpenNTF, who told me that my 2 projects doesn't fulfill the needs to be listed in the catalog of free software due to licensing issues. Several emails later they will go along to these terms, but it was a hassle. Don't blame Peter for that, the license types are that restrictive and everything has to be correct - so far, so good.

To make license handling more easy I decided to work on a new project called "OpenNTF LicenseBuddy". I don't know if this name will be the one to be released but my work-in-progress still uses this name. I little impression of what I have done today can be found here:

Of course it is based on the BootstrapUI template I uploaded on - guess where - OpenNTF Winken

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