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Extlib TagCloud - less "expensive"

Oliver Busse on 12/29/2014 19:25:31 CET, filed under XSP ExtLib 

I just noticed some settings of the Extension Library's TagCloud control that leads to a less expensive server load due to less data that has to be transferred on each request. The slider image and script produces a heavy load of ~200kb per request. In my opinion you don't need that slider though it looks quite nice. I dabbled around a bit and found out my optimal settings for using the TagCloud control.

/* to remove the unwanted margin/padding put this into your custom CSS */
/* this will use all the space available to the tagcloud */
.lotusTagCloud ul {

Here are the settings of my optimal TagCloud control to

  • see all the tags that are available in your categorized view
  • refresh the cloud every time you add or modify content
  • see all "weights" of every tag

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