We are speaking at Collabsphere 2020 Live

Friday, October 23, 2020 at 5:15 PM UTC

I am late to the party but I also wanted to make sure you do not miss the HCL community event next week, CollabSphere 2020 Live. Thanks to the damn pandemic this event also will be presented as an online virtual one which brings the benefit on the other hand, that me and my colleague are able to attend and even speak (Thursday, October 29)!

Unlike the past years I am not involved in a session about the latest development innovations around HCL Domino & co. My colleague Mika and me deliver a session about a neat Outlook add-in that is able to connect to everything that offers a REST API to store mails, attachments or both (also rendered as a PDF) to any third party system. You can share, create or enrich your data with the mostly useful informations in any mail you may receive.

"We" are also the guys from OpenNTF. Christian, our chairman, will give some insights and updates in the OGS right on day 1 (Tuesday, October 27). Join him to learn how to get involved and become a "everyday-hero".

Besides the fact that I am on vacation next week, it's also my pleasure to host the "Lunch/Happy Hour" sponsor-session on Tuesday at 12am (CDT) which is 6pm (CET). All the sessions are presented via Zoom, so you will have some fun with me sipping a beer as you poor guys in the CDT timezone just staying with coffee or water - you decide of course, it's a remote event.

See you there!

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