Nanoleaf Feedback

Monday, July 3, 2017 at 10:22 PM UTC

I am a proud owner of the nice Nanoleaf Aurora RGB panels, I joined the beta programme for the app (iOS Testflight) and added an account on their website.

Nanoleaf Aurora with Apple Homekit as light effect source from Oli on Vimeo.

As long as I don't know where to post my feedback properly I will do it right here.

  • not ready for iOS 11 (Homekit isn’t either)
  • Delete action (left swipe) in scenes does not work
  • A lot of error messages when „managing“ scenes (i.e. delete, rename)
  • An existing scene cannot be updated properly or at least it’s not intuitive
  • Coupling takes forever in initial setup. Maybe use BT instead?
  • Syncing with Nanoleaf account does not work, no scenes were saved in profile, useless to have one at the moment
  • Palette editing could be more intuitive, a chance for removing colors would be helpful
  • Sliders for brightness and speed in scene builder are too small on iPad
  • Please add landscape mode for iPad

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