iPhone X after 6 months

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 at 11:02 PM UTC

There are a lot of reviews of this epic phone on Youtube, I saw them almost all. I have read a lot of reviews on other channels.

Since I am using this device I can at least join the conversations.

I got mine on November 16, 2017, so it is almost 6 months that I am using it on a daily basis.

Face ID vs Touch ID

This was most surprising for me: I got used to the new unlock mechanism within less than 2 hours. I also instantly got used to all the new swipe gestures. When I fire up my 6s I always fail to return to the homescreen or cleaning up tasks. I am still having troubles to get to the control center or notifications from the top of the screen.

Face ID works very reliable though.


I never had any issues with the 6s, it is still fast and stable. The X feels faster and smoother though. But this might be just an illusion as I know the numbers of Geekbench & co.


This is still a beauty. The remarkable about the design is that other vendors adopted the notch during the past months. The notch - formerly known as a compromise for the face ID feature - became a design element now.


I chose the X over the 8 (not the plus) because of the camera. It was the best smart phone camera systems at this time. A month later it was beaten by the Pixel 2 XL from Google and many others like the Samsung S9+ or the Huawei P20 nowadays. Regarding 4k videos I still think that the iPhone is still one of the best.

Build quality

The quality is awesome. The most annoying thing is the glass body. It’s fragile. Do not let this device fall onto the floor! It will break at some point. Replacement is expensive. But I really enjoy the wireless charging every second.


The X was the first phone with a price tag of 1000+ I still believe this is stupid. But times changed and other vendors came close. One may have to think about if it’s worth to spend this amount of money for a phone.


I like the device but still I ask myself if it was worth the money. I already had this feeling after a few weeks. But when I think of the lifecycle of Apple devices it all becomes relative. I hope I am able to use this baby for at least 3 more years.

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