#EngageUG 2019 - Wednesday

Thursday, May 16, 2019 at 12:01 AM UTC

Today we had our session about the NERD stuff in the afternoon. Before that the day was also packed with sessions and talks at our booth. My highlights were the Domino on Docker Bootcamp done by Daniel Nashed and Thomas Hampel and the Node.js session by Heiko Voigt and Graham Acres. We feared that our session would interfere a bit but it turned out they had a different focus and our session just gave an overview and practical tips to get started.

Out session went very well and we had a headcount of 54 - the room was almost full. Immediate feedback also showed that we hit some nerves - this is of course what we wanted.

The day ended with the usual prize raffle and farewell drinks. After that people (speakers, attendees and sponsors) packed their stuff and cleaned up the venue - this is a traditional part at every Engage - leave the venue so it looks like you’ve never been there before.

Theo invited the speakers and sponsors to a secret place to have dinner. There were actually rumors about the venue but until we reached it we didn’t know exactly. Guess what: we had dinner in the restaurant inside the Atomium - which is the famous building built 61 years ago for the world expo in Brussels.

I think every European citizen knows that building but it’s also known worldwide for it’s unique architecture. I didn’t know that there is a restaurant in the top sphere though.

Food was great, people had fun and photographed their asses off. The elevator was a blast and even I usually do not like towers and I suffer from acrophobia this didn’t do anything to me and I felt very comfortable. The pictures speak for itself.

See my Flickr album here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/132362754@N04/sets/72157678278806797

Again Theo & team did an amazing good job to herd the nerds and were professional hosts. The community is more vibrant than ever and the future seems to be bright. I am looking forward to the next Engage - curious how Theo can put the bar even higher - he did it every year.

Thank you! Smile

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