Clone a Domino Server on Linux

10/15/14, 10:48:30 PM

Sometimes you may face problems when configuring your brand new Domino server after the install using the Remote Setup Utility, esp. when you try to set it up as an additional server. In that case you have to provide the first server the new one will pull system databases from. You have to make sure that the first server host is reachable and that the port 1352 is open for connections. But even if you ensured this it may occur that the setup tool says that the server is unreachable. No problem, you just installed it - it only has to be configured.

My workaround is: install the machine on a VM or local machine until the configuration has to take place. Run the configuration locally - it should then work as expected. After that copy all the stuff to the remote machine via Rsync. Of course this applies only if you use Linux on both systems. The best way to do it is to issue the follwing command:

rsync -a -e ssh -v -u -z -P /local/notesdata

rsync -a -e ssh -v -u -z -P /opt/ibm

This preserves symlinks and rights as well as it only copies files that are newer than the one installed. You should ensure that the Domino versions are equal (including Fixpacks etc.). This copies all the system relevant databases as well as the notes.ini. Also ensure that the server ID is also copied to the data directory.

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