Quick-Tip: Java program in Eclipse prompts for password

Wednesday, December 1, 2021 at 6:18 PM UTC

After months of developing a new company product with Eclipse using the local Notes client to access databases etc. I started to create another customer app today. I also did this some hours. All of a sudden, Eclipse prompted me to enter my Notes-ID password when I wanted to test my code. After ignoring it (as it won't work anyway) I wasn't able to access a database on my server anymore. WTF?

Long story short: in between sessions I switched my user ID to the customer's ID as I had to access his server. Though I changed back to my local DEV ID the problem popped up.

This proves that policies work as a charm. It seems that the customer uses a policy to set (forced) the security option

"Don't prompt for a password..."

in the user's security settings of the client.

Again, Jesse Gallagher was helpful and reminded me of this setting. After enabling it again, everything worked like it did months before.

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Oliver Busse wrote on 02.12.2021, 09:45

Paul, yes I remember something similar. You get a real prompt which works if your starter class extends awt.Frame so it can have a GUI. I may be wrong, it's been a while since I did the "Java on Domino" training class in front of students...

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Paul Withers wrote on 01.12.2021, 21:43

It’s worth bearing in mind that policies may reset the setting, it’s something I’ve come across. If that happens or you don’t want to set that setting, I came across this tip recently for bringing up a proper masked password prompt https://lekkimworld.com/2010/02/02/actually-showing-the-password-prompt-when-developing-java-for-notes/. It’s very useful.

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