Speaking about the Unspoken

Wednesday, March 2, 2022 at 11:20 PM UTC


This post - as always - reflects my personal opinion, I am not speaking on behalf of someone else, whether a person, a company or an affiliated organization.


The pandemic challenged us during the past 2 years. We all suffered from that more or less, we faced restrictions or even casualties in our near range. But...

The situation (as documented publicly)

As if this wasn't/isn't enough there is a person who thought: "Well, dear World, fuck you all. Dear World, I don't care. I am a narcissistic horse-riding and deer-hunting ego-man..." (with a small penis obviously) "...and I want to invade my neighbor for 'obvious' reasons". (There always is such a person, right?)

No worries, I don't get into details here.

The situation (as seen by me)

It's too complex for a single person to get it all. I am following all the news I can consume. What I see is: a WAR is going on in the middle of Europe. Yes, Europe is geographically defined from the west-coast of Ireland to the mountains of the Ural which is - surprise - mainly in Russia. I count Russia at least a semi-European country. I also count Turkey geographically as a European country despite of its also autocratic President.

The political aspect is of course a different one. Neither Russia nor Turkey is a member of the EU. NATO is a different council where Turkey is a member, Russia is not.

Why the fuck do I write about this?

Simple: because WAR is not a solution, it never will be. WAR will always harm the innocent - and I also count soldiers in that are sent to the WAR by an authority. Sure, some of them may "enjoy" this. But I cannot imagine a majority being "pleased" to be sent into a place to harm or kill people or a country, especially when the people are "brothers and sisters". This is not what humanity is about.


So why do I repeat what a gazillion people already wrote? Because I am a member of a community which spans over the globe, including those countries that are at WAR right now. This community is built on common interests in technology. Though I stand with the Ukrainians, I also do not forget the Russians who stand against this WAR. I know people from other neighbor countries (to Russia) who are also "alarmed" by the situation (the Baltic states). Especially to my Russian friends: I hope you get that we (the world) don't accuse "the Russians" in general. We are accusing the ones that support this aggression and your president. We are also requesting those people to think it over and to stand up against this WAR and put their weapons down.


I don't get it: there is WAR at every time somewhere. We in Germany faced the biggest refugee movement wave in 2015 since WW2 (which we were responsible of) and we were happy to help back then - despite there were (and still are) some simple-low-stupid-minded people who were/are against welcoming those people.

Currently there is a consent through all parties and most of the people (not only in Germany, foremost in Poland) to invite refugees from Ukraine with open arms - which is great and also obvious. This makes me happy when I see this huge solidarity. The question is: why wasn't this the case with refugees from Africa or Syria or any other area? What about the latest Afghanistan mess? I don't get it.


Whether you are Russian, Ukrainian, Syrian, Israeli, Palestinian, Afghan or from wherever (and everyone I forgot) - you are a fucking HUMAN. Stand together, fight WAR at any time and just get your heads out of your asses and solve a conflict with discussions, not with weapons!

Slava Ukraini!

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